Street Light Outage

Vizcaya Maintenance HOA is responsible for the street lights located on Vizcaya parkway, Caruso Lane and Pietra Lane. If you find a streetlight that is out on these streets, please email


Residential street lights located in Heritage and Traditions are maintained by ONCOR. Below is how you can report a street light out on their website. If you don’t have time, please send an email to the address above with the address and a photo of the numbers on the street light.



Follow these simple instructions on how to report a streetlight outage

Take a photos or write down the numbers located on the street light so you can confirm you are reporting the correct street light on the Oncor website.



  1. Go to the Oncor website:
  2. Once on the Oncor site, click on find your streetlight and type in your address.
  3. Click on the yellow dot and confirm it’s the street light that is out on your street.
4. Select what the issue is in the drop down box
5. Select continue. Confirm the numbers match the street pole numbers you are reporting.
6. Click Ok
7. Review the confirmation
8. You have the option to receive notification when the light is repaired. Type in your cell number or email address so they can contact you when the light is replaced.
9. Final confirmation. Click OK.
If you have another streetlight to report, click Submit another outage.